Website Impression: Alexis Galvez

In this blog, I will be talking about website made by Alexis Galvez. Alexis Galvez is a Seneca College Independent Illustration graduate. Before that, he graduated a graphic design program in Salvador. Alexis put a beautiful illustration of a house in a clean background on his homepage. It looks very well done and I bet those who are looking for illustrators, find this eye catching. It is important to impress from beginning and this is a great start to showcase his works. In his bio, he describes himself as an enthusiastic, creative and, passionate visual artist. Unfortunately, he did not include his photo, or illustrate himself in bio. I find that little unprofessional because people do question who the person is behind that create these images that he uploaded on the website. Also, in his bio page, he left a comment box to leave a reply, but I find this very useless as there is not enough information to comment on anything. This would be better if it was put on Contact page. Next, he has Gallery page. There are four sections; advertising illustration, concept arts, children illustration, and comics. Advertising section practically is very limited. Concept arts section has eighteen illustrations with various different styles. Some are stunningly beautiful but I find some are not really concept arts. One I really like is one where a Panda is riding a mini tank. It is very hyper realistic. Although background added would make the illustration perfect, it is already good enough.

Illustrated by Alexis Galvez

Some of these non concept illustrations need to be weeded out. But overall, this is very interesting section. This one showcases different area and skills that he utilize. Third section is children illustrations. This page shows how the artist was able to combine simplicity with details. At first glance, all of the illustrations in this section look simple and easy, but in detail, the works tells the audiences that he is highly skilled with photoshop. From the use of lighting to gradient, shows that he is excellent in digital media. There are some character designs done roughly, which I would not include. Otherwise, this is another beautiful section. The last section is about comics. In this section, he only put out five panels. First three panels are not that impressive but last two panels are done really well. I think the transition is well done. I wouldn’t mind reading this comic if it were ever to publish. Next is Contact page. In this page, I expected his full contact information, but instead, he made it a bit confusing. He made it so that people have to leave their contact information in order to reach him. I wonder if this is any effective. People call the illustrator not the other way. So, this is really bad. Lastly, he has a social media page. This page is very useless. This page could be combined with Contact page. Overall, I think the website is good but it needs little bit of work to be a great website.

Check out his website.